Song Of The Day: Oskar’s Drum, “Hotel”


There are few musicians we will stop everything for and check out when we learn of a new release. Patrick Fitzgerald, front man for Kitchens Of Distinction and the man behind solo project Stephen Hero, is one of those rare few. In 2016, he debuted a new project entitled Oskar’s Drum, a duo featuring Yves Altana. The two musicians picked up the louder elements of his previous band that they had largely eschewed for their stunning and sublime reunion album, 2013’s Folly.  Oskar’s Drum just released the first single from their forthcoming album Degenerate Art, which is set for release in October. “Hotel” is a heavy and dark rocker that has a definite film noir feel that cannot be denied. Although Fitzgerald has always been superb at writing vivid narrative songs, “Hotel” feels quite different in that it feels as if it’s part of a larger story. Looking at the titles of the rest of the album, I’m getting the feeling that this might be something of a conceptual piece–a ghost story or a murder mystery, perhaps? Pure speculation on my part, as information about the album is minimal, but that’s okay; we’re all ears anyway.

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