Song Of The Day: Xander Harris, “Bleak Celebration”


Our good friend Xander Harris is back again with a new song, this time as part of a fine compilation from DKA Records of modern bands and artists who understands and appreciate the high quality of 1980s Belgian and Chicago Industrial. While we must admit we’re not familiar with all of the acts here, let Xander be a gateway drug to some fine new music to get your weekend started right. His offering, “Bleak Celebration,” is a robust EBM track that tempers WaxTrax! groove and Nettwerk darkness into a nice, groove – laden number that conjures up the delightful feeling of record shopping in 1989, finding a Razormaid remix comp for only a buck and when you get home you find there’s a killer remix of your favorite Skinny Puppy track. It’s that exciting.

You know what to do now…

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