Song Of The Day: Kristin Hersh, “Breathe In”

Far be it for us to ever make the presumption that we can fully define the lyrical masterworks of Kristin Hersh, but we have to admit that we completely sympathize with the lyrics to ”Breathe in,” taken from her excellent new album, Possible Dust Clouds. In our interview with her we once observed that sometimes life gets so stressful that living one day at a time is almost a Herculean task, and sometimes even an hour at a time seems impossible, and it’s hard enough where you have to take each day one minute at a time, even one second at a time. “Breathe In”  is a perfect soundtrack to those times,  an anthem of self-healing with the refrain of, “Breathe in/’Cause breathing is what you do” serves as a brilliant mantra and a reminder that you can survive those one minute at a time days. Possible Dust Clouds picks up wonderfully where Wyatt At The Coyote Palace left off, offering a raw and intense and stark collection of songs that have helped to redefine who Kristin Hersh is as a solo musician.

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