Song Of The Day: Naked Eyes, “The Time Is Now”


Rob Fisher and Pete Byrne came together as Naked Eyes in the early 1980s and had a massive worldwide hit what a cover of Burt Bacharach’s classic,”Always Something There To Remind Me.” The record’s sudden success in United States found their record label scrambling to get new material out, and in a move not seen since the 1960s, EMI reconstituted their debut album, Burning Bridges, for the United States market. The American version was renamed Naked Eyes, repackaged in new artwork, and had a different tracklist, one that left off a few numbers and added a few b-sides; thus, this reissue offers virtually the same material as the Cherry Red Deluxe Edition from a few years ago, while the US version has never been reissued until now.   “The Time Is Now” was an album cut that was set aside for the B side of “Always,” and although it didn’t have the same sparkle as their singles, it was still a nice,  enjoyable slice of synthpop that put them in the same category as OMD and Human League.

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