Song Of The Day: Oskar’s Drum, “Of Their Bones”

Singer/songwriter Patrick Fitzgerald has never been one to shy away from making political statements in his music. With his band Kitchens Of Distinction, he made a fantastic and brilliant album entitled The Death Of Cool, which was an open and frank discussion of his sexuality and issues of the gay community. That it was also one of the best albums of the decade only made it all the more sweeter. With his new project Oskar’s Drum, Fitzgerald once again has delved into the political, this time addressing the rise of hate and divisiveness in our modern society in the song “Of Their Bones,” taken from their newly released second album, Degenerate Art. Making the song even more powerful is the video that was recently released, which blends footage of KKK, Nazi Germany, Hitler Youth, and scenes of violence from around the world. If you’re left feeling ill ease, then mission accomplished; this is what the best political music does: it makes you think, gives you pause, and hopefully, just hopefully, helps you to enact change.

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