Song Of The Day: Grandaddy, “Bison On The Plains”

Now THIS is a completely unexpected arrival. Shortly after the release of Grandaddy‘s comeback album Last Place, tragedy struck. Founding member Kevin Garcia died suddenly. Having interviewed mastermind Jason Lytle a few months prior for Big Takeover, he intimated that the band had prided itself as retaining the same five members, and if something were to happen and someone couldn’t be involved, the band would no longer continue. Considering what would soon happen, his words provided an eerie foreshadowing. Even still, the fate of the band is unknown. This song was a leftover from the previous album, and is a gorgeous yet hilariously meta number about his creative process. It is a classic Grandaddy song, and between this and Lytle’s recent solo release, it is good to see the master returning to what he does best; making beautiful music.

(PS:Any similarities between this and “Aisle Seat 37-D” are welcomed with open arms.)

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