Song Of The Day: Pye Corner Audio, “The Seventh Labyrinth”


We had never heard of electronica composer Martin Jenkins until we stumbled upon him last week, when a restless insomnia sent us on an Internet expedition to find restful music. And we’re glad we found him, too; his new album, Hollow Earth, has blown us away. Full of deep heavy dub groove that reminds us of The Orb, with a slightly tasteful WaxTrax!-style EBM beat. It’s dark but it’s delightful, and now we are quite willing to go down a Jenkins rabbit hole–he uses quite a few, presumably to differentiate between styles, in this particular project is known as Pye Corner Audio, and seems to be his most prolific one. “The Seventh Labyrinth” was the first song we heard, and since it moves us so as an impressive introduction, we couldn’t help but share it with you.

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