Song Of The Day: Josephine Wiggs, “Time Does Not Bring Relief”


Now this is a nice surprise. Josephine Wiggs–best known as the bassist for The Breeders–has just announced the release of her first solo album proper, We Fall, which will be released in May via The Sound Of Sinners. Although she’s had a number of projects in the past, this is something entirely new. The first taste of it, “Time Does Not Bring Relief,” is absolutely stunning––and completely unlike what you would expect from the rocker. Taking its title from a poem written by Edna St. Vincent Millay, this is a sad and reflective instrumental that instantly recalls Harold Budd. Her bio says the rest of the record it is almost all instrumental and follows along this line, and if that be the case, we’re perfectly happy with that. Watch the video below, and get lost in its wandering beauty.


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