Song Of The Day: Shawn Smith

We were absolutely heartbroken to learn of the sudden death of singer-songwriter Shawn Smith, former vocalist for Brad, Pigeonhed, and Satchel. Smith, 53, died yesterday from complication of diabetes.  Possessor of one of the most beautiful voices from the 1990s Seattle scene, his angelic melancholy was powerfully utilized in one of the saddest and most heartfelt episodes of The Sopranos, “Long Term Parking.”

But he is special to us as he was on our initial list of interview subjects when we started the website.  I reached out to him to see if he would be interested in talking about his career. He politely declined, stating that while he was proud of his records and that it made him happy people loved them, he found it hard to talk about his past, in part because talking about disappointments brought him down, and that too often the talk would turn to the Seattle “Grunge” scene, a subject that he didn’t like to talk about. Even though it was a little disappointing, I had no hard feelings, as I completely respected and understood his reasoning.

RIP Shawn. You will be missed.





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