Song Of The Day: OCnotes, “You Don’t Shampoo Your Hair”

I’ve never heard of OCnotes until last week, and this song is a fantastic introduction. Apparently, the mystery man is quite a prolific fellow, with well over 50 releases under his  own name, as well as under various monikers and collaborations. He’s also an inspired illustrator, a DJ, and an all-round talented enigma. He has a new single out on Sub Pop, and it features a wonderful little groover that’s all about THE FUNK, but maybe not in the way you think. Entitled “You Don’t Shampoo Your Hair,” it’s one of the finest diss tracks about bad hygiene since De La Soul gave us “A Little Bit Of Soap” thirty years ago. Don’t know what else to tell you, except if you want a delightfully weird rabbit hole to fall into, go check out his website…but expect to spend some time there, and don’t expect to come away with any tangible answers to any questions you might have…



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