Song Of The Day: Dope KNife, “So Upset”

We were hipped to the Savannah-based hip-hop producer Dope KNife via the equally fabulous Linqua Franqa, and we’ve been eagerly awaiting their new full length, Things Got Worse. Well, we just heard the first single and we are not disappointed. A bumping, thumping, sexy low-rumble beat propels the equally ominous rhymes of Dope KNife. It’s all a bit intoxicating, yes, but this is some heady stuff that reminds me why I love both Wu-Tang Clan and cLOUDDEAD. “So Upset” is a great introduction to a talented young man, and trust me, this album is fantastic.


As a Wednesday bonus, we’d love for you to check out his set at last year’s Athens Popfest, which is where we first heard him. Enjoy!


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