Song Of The Day: Jimmie Vaughan, “Just A Game”

If you want authentic, low-down, real deal Texas blues, then one of your first stops should always be to the fabulous (thunderbird) Jimmie Vaughan. He is synonymous with a very specific blues style, one that blends R&B and traditional Rock & Roll together, all sung by his instantly recognizable voice. His new album, Baby Please Come Home, is a tribute to the sounds that influenced him, a covers album featuring tracks from such names as Etta James, Fats Domino, Lloyd Price, and T-Bone Walker, as well as many others. What’s easily become my favorite is his cover of doomed songwriter Jimmy Donley‘s “Just A Game,” which was released posthumously in 1964. Vaughan has a knack of making a song sound instantly faithful to the original and completely like his own composition–an amazing dichotomy, to be sure. But our best advice is to stop reading now and listen, okay? Because I think you’ll find this song–and the album–makes for a perfect Friday night listen.

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  1. Awesomeness,can’t wait to see Jimmie live in a few weeks !

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