Song Of The Day: Longwave, “Dreamers Float Away”

It’s always nice when a great, under-appreciated band returns to the scene, and it’s especially nice when their return is of the same high quality–if not higher–than their previous releases. We’re generally excited about the return of New York’s Longwave; though they came of age in the same fertile scene late 90s scene that brought the world The Strokes and Interpol, they were always a bit more low-key. But their fifth album, If We Ever Live Forever–slated for release later this year–shows that their creative muse has matured quite nicely. The first taste of their new album, “Dreamers Float Away,” is a humble little number, but it shows that vocalist Steve Schiltz still has a beautiful voice, fragile as it is over a gently pulsing rock melody. We’re definitely putting this one on our “records to watch” list for the fall…


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