Exclusive First Listen: Golden Ghost, “Little Rabbit No. 3”


Laura Goetz has been making haunting, dark folk for well over a decade, both as a collaborator and under the guise of Golden Ghost. On August 16th she will be releasing her fifth album–and the second in a series of conceptual albums–entitled The Big Sleep: Future, via Epifo Music. It’s a dense, haunting, and complex work, one that’s enhanced by Goetz’s superb guitar playing and her powerful, unique voice. To try and define its complicated nature would be an inherently marginalizing task; this is truly a record that must be heard and experienced from start to finish. We are proud, then, to present a sneak peak in the form of the gorgeous album closer, “Little Rabbit No. 3.” which on equal parts recalls Judee Sill and Victoria Williams. It’s a hushed and beautiful melody that serves nicely as an ambassador for the rest of the amazing album that precedes it.

Preorder The Big Sleep: Future here: http://heygoldenghost.bandcamp.com

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