Song Of The Day: Prince, “I Feel For You (Acoustic Demo)”

Now this was a nice surprise trip into the legendary Prince vaults! As a way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his second album, Prince, his estate has released.a digital single comprising of an acoustic demo of one of the album’s better-known songs, “I Feel For You,” and the album version on the flip side. Though never a hit for Prince, it was recorded by others a number of times, and was a Grammy-winning hit single for Chaka Khan in 1984. This version is just Prince and his acoustic guitar, and it’s a very special track. You can literally hear Prince hit record on his tape player, and then seemingly bash out this new tune, and then unceremoniously click off the tape recorder. It’s the stuff of legend; it feels like Prince may have just had an inspiration, sat down and whittled out this idea, and then moved on. There are tentative lyrics, but the chorus is fully developed, and as an added bonus it’s sung in his amazing falsetto, as well as an impressive scat–the kind you’d only find in a young man who was just out of his teenage years. It’s a thrilling listen, one that shows you his creative process, even if it tends to be more vocalese in nature, and it is a welcome addition to the archival collections that seem to be flowing nonstop as of late.

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