Song Of The Day: Corridor, “Domino”

Great music transcends language barriers. A fantastic melody and catchy lyrics can be understood in any language, even if you might not know what they’re singing about. Case in point: Montreal-based indiepop band Corridor. Having released two well regarded albums in their native Canada, they’ve made the jump to the big leagues, and this Friday they will release Junior, their third album in total and their worldwide debut on Sub Pop. Listening to the song “Domino,” I’m already sold. The vocals–sung in French–recall the melodic sweet spot of The Shins’ first LP, Oh, Inverted World, but then, in the middle of the song, they launch into a deeply heavy rock groove that recalls Unrest in all the right ways.

I’m sold!

Will definitely check out Junior when it comes out–and you should clickety-click on the video below and prepare for the wonderful ride.

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