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Song Of The Day: Bonnie Bishop, “Love Revolution”

So much is going on in the first track on Texas-based Bonnie Bishop‘s latest album, The Walk, that we’re really not sure where to begin. We had never heard of her until last week, and wow, have we missed out. We fell¬†hard for “Love Revolution,” even if it’s a song that begs easy classification. It starts off with a slow and low blues-rock beat that recalls Talking Heads, then it turns darker and weirder and even bluesier, if that’s possible. Then she opens her mouth and out comes this absolutely¬†angelic voice. The next seven minutes will envelop you, lasting much longer yet much shorter than you’d expect it to. Vocal touchstones aren’t easy, either; one part Alannah Miles, one part Stevie Nicks, one part Bonnie Raitt-–but it’s clear Bonnie Bishop can only be described as “Bonnie Bishop.”

But “Love Revolution?” It’s the sound of a red-hot musician playing music on Saturday night, who then realizes that it’s now Sunday morning, so thus it’s time to stop singing about sinning and time to start singing about salvation, an early morning call to action to help your fellow man by being a better person. It’s a fantastic song–and it’s an edgy move to start your album with the perfect album closer. That’s just how bold Bishop is; as a result, The Walk has bumped itself up on my “best of 2019” list.

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