Song Of The Day: Pet Shop Boys, “An open mind”

Pet Shop Boys have always been masters of the sublime b-side, so much so that occasionally it feels like they’re regulating their best stuff to more obscure avenues as a reward to those who have followed them for all these years–as well as indicating the level of care they put into what they do. Their fantastic new single, “Dreamland,” is no exception, offering as it does two quality numbers in addition to the fine lead-off number. I would’ve been equally content at sharing both, but I think for this review I’m going to go with “An open mind.” Why? Because it’s got a low-key melody that blends the sound of their late 80s output, with a bit of a marching beat and a singalong melody that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Introspective or Behavior.  Neil Tennant is in fine voice, sounding positively ageless, while Chris Lowe‘s production is on point. It’s classic Pet Shop Boys, and thank god for that.

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