Mudhoney: Pedazo De Pastel (FOLC Records)

Mudhoney Pedazo De Pastel

We loves us some “grunge” here at The Recoup, and were excited to learn of Pedazo De Pastel, a brand new mini-LP of vintage Mudhoney. This little record offers up seven hot and savory demos from 1992, a nice little stocking-stuffer for your flannel-loving friends.  Before recording their major label debut Piece Of Cake, they gathered in a makeshift studio to work on new material before entering the studio with Conrad Uno. Not that they really needed any production; Mudhoney’s power has always been in simple, straightforward arrangements. Thus, the seven songs–six album tracks and one unreleased nugget–aren’t terribly different from the album versions.

Yet these songs burn with the intensity of a live recording that didn’t quite come off on the finished product. Though Mudhoney’s always been a great band, their early albums had an unfortunate tendency to sound same-y. These demos, however, are a different story. “Ritzville”  and “Make It Now” buzz with the intensity of a broken power line, while their psychedelic blues/garage rock side is in full force on “When In Rome,” “Take Me There,” and “13th Floor Opening”. The sole unreleased number, “Knock It On The Head,” is a blues jam that oddly reminds of The Doors. Furthermore, it sounds as if frontman Mark Arm is writing it as he sings. It’s an interesting little number that grunge nerds such as myself would love, but it’s obvious why it didn’t make the cut.

Mudhoney has rightly earned its place as one of the best “Grunge” bands of the era. Thankfully, they’re still at it, and Pedazo De Pastel is a delightful little curiosity highlighting them at their peak.

Purchase Mudhoney Pedazo De Pastel:  FOLC Records



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