Song Of The Day: Josiah Johnson, “World’s Not Gonna End”

Josiah Johnson

In 2009, Josiah Johnson helped to found well-regarded rock band The Head And The Heart. But the sudden and unexpected success of his group unfortunately led to a substance abuse breakdown, and he soon retired as a live member. Initially, he took a Brian Wilson-at-home role, but eventually the split became permanent. Now the very talented musician—who at one time seemed destined for a Syd Barrett/Skip Spence fate—has announced his signing to Anti-, as well as his debut solo single, “World’s Not Gonna End”.  Unsurprisingly, the number is an autobiographical tale of survival and self motivation. Also unsurprising is it’s a catchy-as-hell anthem  featuring backing singers, trumpets, and a rhythm track that will get your feet moving. Furthermore, Johnson’s rough and ragged often breaks into the sweet, angelic voice one heard at the beginning of his career. It adds to the realism of the song’s lyrics, that his is a tale learned the hard way.

“World’s Not Gonna End” is a promising return from a talented voice we feared lost. Here’s to his newfound health and musical return, and we are eagerly looking forward to what he has to offer.

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