Song Of The Day: Slum Of Legs, “Benetint & Malevolence”

Slum Of Legs

Slum of Legs?

Wow. Just…wow. Hat tip to the esteemed Everett True for cluing me on this fantastic band. Here’s their bio, it says more than I possibly could:

Slum of Legs are a queer, feminist noise-pop DIY band. We are Alex, Emily, Kate, Maria, Mich and Tamsin. We write songs about ghosts, architecture, gender, loneliness and hair envy. You can dance to all of them. Sometimes we sound like The Shaggs, Slant 6 and La Dusseldorf playing at an impromptu party in space.

I honestly can’t find one false statement in there! To my ears, the song we were introduced to, “Benetint & Malevolence,” sounds like The Raincoats having to borrow Stereolab‘s gear. It’s that good. Stop reading now and make with the click-click on the video below, because you’ll see we are oh. so. right.  The album just came out a few hours ago; what are you waiting for?


Purchase Slum Of Legs: Bandcamp


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