Song Of The Day: Califone, “by the time the starlight reaches our eyes”


Califone remind us of the witticism, “life is a journey, not a race.”  Nowhere is this truer than with our song of the day, “by the time the starlight reaches our eyes”. The song is a definite highlight from their new album Echo Mine–their first new album in seven years. The album serves as a score to a dance piece by Robyn Mineko Williams, but it stands quite nicely on its own. We love the eight minute “by the time the starlight reaches our eyes,” as it feels like a nice encapsulation of what Calfone does best. The song begins with some blips and beeps, which turns into a percussive groove, then melts into a little singing from frontman Tim Rutili, before it gives way to some impressionistic noise-funk, which then gives way to a rustic, sunburned roots-rock drone.

Suffice to say, we couldn’t turn away. It’s a delightfully weird and wonderful number, and it’s nice to have the band back again and giving the world a sound it can truly call its own.

Purchase Califone Echo MineJealous Butcher

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