Song Of The Day: Hello Mary, “Ginger”

Hello Mary Ginger

Before the world went all crazy, we were going around telling all our friends that Brooklyn trio Hello Mary released the coolest record of 2020, a fine little EP entitled Ginger. We’re not changing that stance, either; a week hasn’t passed that we didn’t listen to Ginger at least once.  To promote the record, they just released a fantastic video for the title track. The song itself is a blast of Lush-style dream pop with a little early-90s guitar crunch. The video captures that vibe; in between the band performing, they’re seen with their friends out in public, running around,  having fun. Remember fun? Friends? Being in public?  You don’t miss it ’til it’s gone…so take a little trip down short-term memory lane…you’ll be glad you did.

Purchase Hello Mary Ginger: Bandcamp

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