Song Of The Day: Pet Shop Boys, “I don’t wanna”

Pet Shop Boys "i don't wanna"

Pet Shop Boys have always mingled with the relationship between technology and the human psyche. Their most recent album, Hotspot, deals exclusively with this subject, and their brilliant new single, “I don’t wanna,” takes this even further. Capturing the angst of a socially awkward and introspective young man innocently hounded by his friends to join them for a night out, he always makes excuses why he’d rather not. Yet by song’s end, he “Snap”-s out of it (heh heh) and decides that, well, maybe he will go out.

Even though it’s 2020, this isn’t a new theme at all for Pet Shop Boys, and it’s good to know they can still hit upon the themes that made them so beloved back in the day. Furthermore, the song’s lyric video—which works just fine on its own, thank you very much—is a delightful illustrated affair that delivers the tale with poignancy, urgency, and heart. Life in 2020 might be uncertain, but knowing that Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe understand the human condition is one certainty you can bet on.

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