Song Of The Day: Josiah Johnson, “False Alarms”

Josiah Johnson

Back in February, we shared with you “World’s Not Gonna End,” the debut single from Josiah Johnson, formerly of The Head & The Heart. (We must admit, that title does seem eerily prescient!) Johnson is back with his second single from an as-yet unspecified project for Anti-. That song’s message no doubt derived from conquering the demons that led him to leave the band he founded.

“False Alarms” also feels derived from his healing, but this time, the song’s much more personal. In a note accompanying the release, Johnson declares that the song is for former bandmate Jon Russell. It’s deeply personal, as he relates the loving times of the budding friendship all while seeming to know the relationship was doomed. “Don’t be alarmed,” he sings with no subtle hint of regret, “this was always going to break your hard heart.”

Unafraid of pulling no punches on himself, “False Alarms” easily stands as this year’s most beautiful and most heartbreaking song.



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