Song Of The Day: Xander Harris, “Emo Night/The Dreams of Donna Golden”

Xander Harris


COVID-19 has put the kibosh on smaller independent labels and artists, and Texas-based Xander Harris is no exception. Though visionary Justin Sweatt put the project on hiatus last year, he never stopped making music. Prior to the quarantine, he’d planned a new Germany-based  Xander Harris split single release. Realizing the physical release might not happen any time soon (if at all), he recently placed his contribution on Bandcamp as a pay-what-you-want release. Glad he did, too; “Emo Nights/The Dreams Of Donna Golden” offers up a gorgeous wash of ambient sounds perfectly suited for healing during this tumultuous time. Previous releases conjured comparison to EBM and the sounds of mid 80s WaxTrax!, but this number is all dark ambient. Think Tangerine Dream’s Thief soundtrack and the works of In The Nursery and Michael Brook, and you’d not be too far off.

Word has it that the quarantine isolation helped reignite Sweatt’s creative muse. Although we don’t like why he suddenly has the time to create again, we eagerly await what may come.

Purchase Xander Harris, “Emo Night/The Dreams of Donna Golden“: Bandcamp

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