Song Of The Day: The Lawrence Arms, “PTA”

The Lawrence Arms

been six long years since last we heard from Chicago’s punk-rock power trio The Lawrence Arms. All of that is about to change, though, with the imminent release of new album Skeleton Coast, arriving July 17th via Epitaph Records. The first single, “PTA,” is a blast of literate punk rock-ness, not even making the two minute mark. Furthermore, the lyrics are quite nuanced; nihilism on top, heartbreak underneath the surface. In other words, business as usual.

You might notice the striking video for “PTA” has a decidedly Mexican flavor–recalling Día de la Muertos. That’s not unintentional, either; for Skeleton Coast, the band retreated to a dusty and lonely cabin studio in the middle of the vast arid landscape outside of El Paso to write and record the material. We have yet to know how the experience affected the band’s creative process–they state this album’s creation differs from all of their previous releases–but so far, we can’t argue with how good “PTA” sounds.

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