Song Of The Day: Fish On Friday, “We’ve Come Undone”

Fish On Friday

Belgian rockers Fish On Friday‘s new album, Black Rain, couldn’t have appeared at a more appropriate time. With overall themes dedicated to change, strife, struggle, and conflict–both personal and political–never has an album been so in synch. Yet Black Rain is a sophisticated, nuanced record, with lush arrangements and dark, foreboding atmosphere, whilst remaining easy-on-the-ears. Case in point: “We’ve Come Undone,” a number reminiscent of Genesis and Peter Gabriel with a Coldplay-like sensibility. Yet what, exactly, has come undone? Society? A relationship? But that’s the beauty of Black Rain, though; you draw your own conclusions. Regardless of how you might interpret it or the other songs on offer, one fact remains:  Black Rain is a fantastic album.

Purchase Fish On Friday Black Rain:  Esoteric Antenna

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