Song Of The Day: E.B. The Younger, “IDK (I Don’t Know)”

E.B. The Younger

Last year, Midlake frontman Eric Pulido impressed us with To Each His Own, his project under the name E.B. The Younger. Before the world fell apart, rumor has it he had been hard at work on a new Midlake album. Yet times suddenly changed, and as he states on his Bandcamp page, “when the world hands you a pandemic, write a hit single!”

And that’s exactly what he did. While it might not make an appearance on your “local” radio station, “IDK (I Don’t Know)” certainly sounds like a hit. With a laid back classic SoCal rock vibe–we’re reminded of Tom Petty–Pulido sings of the uncertainties in an uncertain world, and the feeling of not having an answer. It offers the same groove we loved on To Each His Own, and we can’t help but hit repeat after the song ends. Better still, Pulido is offering up the profits of the song to the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund.

It’s win-win for everyone, and a damn fine song to boot.

Purchase E.B. The Younger, “I Don’t Know”: Bandcamp


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