Song Of The Day: Sean O’Hagan, “The Wild Are Welcome”

Sean O'Hagan

After last year’s superb Radum Calls, Radum Calls, Sean O’Hagan returns with a fantastically unique and timely number. “The Wild Are Welcome” offers a delight reflection dedicated to all God’s little creatures as they reclaim the land. The song features his daughter Livvy on vocals, and displays his fascination with 21st Century hip-hop production. But it’s a weird number, to be sure; imagine Paul McCartney circa McCartney II covering “Mt. Vernon & Fairway”  and then handing over the tapes to Kanye West.

Yes. Really.

It really does sound that amazing.

Here’s what Sean has to say about the number:

This April, the animals were coming back to the cities. I love our wild in London, the foxes and badgers – but then sheep, deer and goats started to stray back into the edges of urbanity, in Essex and on the fringes of Swansea and Edinburgh. So I imagined the conversations the animals were having as they acclimatised to the new norm. And of course it flipped the status for the rest of us not in captivity, as we stared out at the wild from our lockdown.

As much as I have enjoyed the musical landscape that I have explored for 30 years, I want to creep beyond it. I can still drop the chords as I always have but I am enamored the 2020 RnB experience and here I have found new tools to put records together.

Livvy keeps me informed and I increasingly run stuff by her, so when the idea of this tune emerged, I wanted a female vocal around which to hang an approximated vocal running through bit of crushing and transformers to get the ’sound’. The sounds of Sly’s Riot mixed with these vital new expressions. This is where I am at in 2020: SEAN SYLVESTER DRAKE 61.


Purchase Sean O’Hagan, “The Wild Are Welcome”: Bandcamp

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  1. Such a great song. Have loved O’Hagan’s work for 20 years or so and am completely in love withh this tune and Radum Calls. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

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