Song Of The Day: Gum Country, “Brain Song”

Gum Country

So much to say about Something, the fantastic debut album from Gum Country. The new project by The CourtneysCourtney Garvin and drummer Connor Mayer, Something perfectly encapsulates the blissful joy of summer. Yet the times being as they are, a summer doesn’t have the same meaning, but not to worry; the heady, fun melodies of Something capture the joy di vivre of a day on the beach. Case in point: the bright and bouncy “Brain Song,” smack dab in the middle of the album but a treat nonetheless. With its acoustical motorik style, it sounds like the lovechild of The Spinanes and Stereolab–a combination we’d not thought possible, but one we’ll gladly take. And the rest of the album is just as brilliant.

So spend a hypothetical day on the beach with Gum Country. You’ll be glad you did.

Purchase Gum Country Somewhere Bandcamp

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