Song Of The Day: Jim Bob, “Truce”

Jim Bob

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine‘s enigmatic frontman Jim Bob has always had a way with clever words. His wit and sarcasm has kept him in good stead over the past three decades. With his latest album, Pop Up Jim Bob, he proves his muse has shown no signs of ceasing. Yet the state of the world is currently in an unfunny place, and as such he doesn’t shy away from  this sad truth. Thankfully, he does so without being preachy or at the cost of his wit. The number we’ve gravitated towards most, “Truce,” proves this point. The song addresses the protests and hostilities around England over the last few years, and Jim Bob invokes The Christmas Truce to very good effect. It’s a potent, powerful, and simple message, and though the song is one of the album’s bleakest, it’s also one of its finest as well.

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