Song Of The Day: Margaret Chavez, “I Virgo”

Margaret Chavez

The Texas music underground offers many superb genres, none finer than psychedelic country, of which Margaret Chavez excels. It’s the project of Marcus William Striplin, the mastermind behind the beloved group Pleasant Grove. Margaret Chavez offers much headier fare, though; blending epic space rock with rootsy sound and just a dose of green haze, their latest album Into An Atmosphere offers pure sonic delight. For yours truly, the highlight is “I Virgo,” which blends the spaced-out rock trips of Pink Floyd circa More with a dustiness that recalls Giant Sand and South San Gabriel as well. “I Virgo” simultaneously delivers lighter than air delicate melodies alongside heavy duty, potent space rock groove. It’s a sound to behold, and merely one highlight of the fantastic Into An Atmosphere. 

Purchase Margaret Chavez Into An Atmosphere:  We Know Better


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