Song Of The Day: Eno/Wobble, “Lockdown”


The not-as-unlikely-as-it-seemed pairing of legendary producer Brian Eno and equally legendary experimental musician Jah Wobble resulted in Spinner. Released in 1995, the album built upon Eno’s soundtrack work for Derek Jarman’s posthumous biographical work, Glitterbug.  Eno provided the basic tracks, and then handed then over to Wobble, who manipulated and re/deconstructed as he saw fit. Surprisingly, the combination worked; even more surprisingly, the album has held up quite well over the past quarter century. We’re quite fond of bonus track “Lockdown,” as timely a title as one could imagine. The jazzy noir ambience Wobble added gives the song a haunting, restless feel, one that leaves you looking over your shoulder, looking to see who or what is behind you…

Purchase Eno/Wobble Spinner: All Saints

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