Song Of The Day: Garcia Peoples, “Painting a Vision That Carries”

Garcia Peoples

New Jersey’s Garcia Peoples have rightly earned their reputation as one of America’s best modern psychedelic rock bands. Yet if you listen to their music, you hear California 1970. You know the type: hazy melodies laced with harmonies and the scent of denim and weed enticingly blending together. Their new album, Nightcap At Wits’ End, offers the perfect title for the the era, and they offer you just that. These are songs that recall a desert twilight; the sun goes down and the sky goes all kinds of red and orange and blue. As the light fades and the moon returns to its glory, the music offers respite from a trying world. “Painting A Vision That Carries” provides just the vehicle for a brief escape from the worries of the world.

Purchase Garcia Peoples Nightcap At Wits’ End: Beyond Beyond Is Beyond


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