Song Of The Day: Spoon, “Lines In The Suit (30 Minutes Old)”


Spoon‘s Girls Can Tell turns twenty this year. In actuality, it’s a bit older than that. With no record deal in sight and no label interest, their masterpiece seemed doomed. Burned CDs and cassettes and MP3s traded hands, available for anyone who might want to give the kids from Austin a chance. For those lucky enough to obtain a copy, the opinion seemed unanimous: why the hell does nobody want to release this?!?!? Thankfully, Merge Records would come to the rescue, and one of the best albums to come out of Austin finally saw the light of day.

To mark the occasion, Spoon shared a gem of a demo for the song “Lines In The Suit,” and credited as being just thirty minutes old. And even though it’s fresh out of the Britt Daniel mind oven, it’s nearly fully formed. With just an acoustic guitar, “Lines In The Suit” doesn’t lose any of its quality. If anything, in such a stripped-down form, it sounds remarkably more intense, a moment in time captured. Fate would reward the band’s frustrations and patience with the critical and commercial acclaim due them.

But some of us already knew it would happen.

Purchase Spoon Girls Can Tell: Matador Records


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