Song Of The Day: Tony Joe White, “Boot Money”

When Tony Joe White died suddenly in 2018, he left behind a cache of songs in various states of completion. Dan Auerbach, Black Keys frontman, had spent the past decade trying to convince White to work with him. It never happened, but in the years since his passing, White’s son Jody and Auerbach worked on these unheard demos. Enlisting a crack team of session men to finish the job, the first taste from the nine-song album Smoke From The Chimney shows that they did right by White. “Boot Money” is a slow, seductive blues creeper about a man no good with money but good enough with money to always keep some tucked away in his boot. Hard living? Of course. White knew that lifestyle quite well. If “Boot Money” is anything to go by, Smoke On The Chimney will be an album worthy of the best of White, and a fitting conclusion to a life well lived.

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