Tag: 1998

Song Of The Day: Cows, “Finished Again”

Taken from the Amphetamine Reptile release, Sorry In Pig Minor.

Fastball: All The Pain Money Can Buy (Omnivore Recordings)

Austin rock trio Fastball’s sophomore release was an unapologetically grown-up album, and to everyone’s surprise the record was an unexpected hit in 1998.

Song Of The Day: John Wesley Harding w/Fastball, “Star”

Taken from the Omnivore Recordings release, Greatest Other People’s Hits.

Old Dogs: Old Dogs, Volumes One & Two (Morello Records)

This one-off, one-night-only Outlaw Country supergroup was formed to poke fun and sing about the joys of old age, with all-original material provided by Shel Silverstein. It’s a fun collection of songs, and a fantastic last hurrah for the songwriter, who passed away less than a year later.

Twilight Music: Piano Magic, “Halloween Boat” (1999)

A gorgeous, eighteen minute aquatic experience. Ladies and gentlemen, you are floating in water….

Bedhead: Live 1998 (Numero Group)

This eleven-song live performance from Dallas’ Bedhead documents one of their final shows, and helps to capture the spark of their transformative live shows.

3 AM Eternal: Corey Glover “April Rain” (1998)

This month, we look at rain songs. Songs about rain. The first track in this month’s theme is an interesting ballad from Living Colour frontman Corey Glover’s debut solo album.

3 AM Eternal: Doug Martsch “5 on 3” (1998)

  This little single, a split with Michael John,  was released quite quietly in 1998, and featured the first solo tracks from the Built to Spill frontman. “5 On 3” is classic Martsch; if his band’s records had taken a move towards slicker rock, this song, about a preschooler doing drugs, finds him returning to… Read More ›

3AM Eternal: Saint Etienne “Wood Cabin” (1998)

  Ever thought you’d hear Saint Etienne soundtrack a murder? Yeah, me neither; it was hearing this song that caused me to perk up my ears and check out what the show’s creators were up to.

3AM Eternal: Tripping Daisy “Sonic Bloom” (1998)

  Hands down, this is perhaps my favorite love song of all time. ‘Nuff said…   We love you Benny B and miss you…high-five Wes for us….