Song Of The Day: John Wesley Harding w/Fastball, “Star”

Singer/songwriter John Wesley Harding has made a career out of writing intelligent, enjoyable, and often humorous songs about life, love, and the simple little things that make up a day. Yet and his three decades of releasing music, he’s never been afraid to take a little time to pay tribute to songs and artists he likes. Greatest Other People’s Hits is a cleverly titled (and covered) collection of covers that he’s released or recorded over the length of his career. He’s covered everyone from Madonna to Bruce Springsteen, Pete Seeger to Lou Reed, George Harrison to Gerry Rafferty. Heck, he was even nice enough to share with us  an exclusive cover of one of his favorite Bob Dylan songs.

My personal favorite is the cover of Stealers Wheel‘s song, “Star,” which finds him backed up by the Texas band Fastball, taken from a promotional only release from 1998. It’s a fine country rocker that deserved to be pulled out of obscurity.


Greatest Other People’s Hits is available now from Omnivore Recordings.

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