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Hammock: Raising Your Voice…Trying To Stop An Echo (Deluxe Edition) (Hammock Music)

Tennessee ambient duo Hammock’s 2006 sophomore release didn’t so much represent a change in direction from their debut album Kenotic as it did reinforce its greatness. Ten years later, this deluxe edition expands it with nearly an hour’s worth of unreleased material. Still sounds otherworldly.

Twilight Music: The Album Leaf, “Micro Melodies” (2005)

In tonight’s installment in this week’s ongoing appreciation of The Album Leaf, we present a song found on a hard-to-find tour-only EP.

Twilight Music: The Album Leaf, “Malmo” (2003)

We continue our listening journey into the darker corners of The Album Leaf’s back catalogue, this time with one of the band’s most endearing numbers, taken from a 2003 Spanish-only EP.

Twilight Music: The Album Leaf, “Lamplight” (2003)

A reader’s request to hear some Album Leaf is generously filled; this week, we’ll highlight some more obscure numbers, starting with this track off of a split record from 2003.

Hammock: Kenotic (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (Hammock Music)

The impressive debut album of Tennessee-based ambient duo Hammock sees a ten year anniversary deluxe reissue.

3AM Eternal: Slint, “Don, Aman” (1991)

Slint’s Spiderland was and is a very important record and a cornerstone of 1990s indie rock. This particular song is creepy, weird, and wonderful.

Twilight Music: Drums & Tuba “Magnum Opie” (2005)

This unique trio ended their career with a superior EP, with this song being its highlight.

Cave In: The Sacrifice Poles (Robotic Empire)

The spring of 2000 was a fertile time for Boston-based Cave In, as they prepared to record Jupiter, the album that would bring them wide critical acclaim, as well as serve as the band’s creative apex. Dark, moody, complex, atmospheric—it was a masterful album that found the band transforming from its hardcore roots and heading… Read More ›

Back Catalog: Earwig

One of the early 1990s more interesting groups was Bristol-based trio Earwig. Consisting of vocalist Kirsty Yates and guitarists Julian Tardo and Dmitri Voulis, their music was a nascent trip-hop/ambient mix, and predates Portishead and Massive Attack by a few years. Their first releases were 12″ EPs. Debut EP Hardly was released in 1990 and… Read More ›