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Song Of The Day: Tripping Daisy, “My Umbrella”

To celebrate what would have been the 30th Anniversary of the iconic Dallas-based Alternative Rock station 94.5 KDGE, we reminisce about the greatest legacy the station gave us–a love affair with one of the best psychedelic bubblegrunge bands of all time, Tripping Daisy.

Song Of The Day: Daniel Hart, “Madeline and Pipsqueak”

Taken from the collection, Music From S-Town.

Song Of The Day: Tripping Daisy, “Waited A Light Year”

BREAKING NEWS: Tripping Daisy have reunited!

3AM Eternal: The Polyphonic Spree, “Town Meeting Song” (2008)

Listen as the psychedelic choral pop band The Polyphonic Spree go on a nine-minute glam-rock free-for-all on a song from a beloved cult film.