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Tag: Willie Nelson

Song Of The Day: Neal Casal, “Tomorrow’s Sky”

A beautiful and powerful song to remember the late Neal Casal, who passed away Monday night.

Song Of The Day: Kinky Friedman, “Autographs In The Rain (Song For Willie)”

Taken from the Echo Hill Records release, Circus Of Life.

Song Of The Day: Willie Nelson, “Cold, Cold Heart”

Taken from the Sony Legacy Release, Willie And The Boys: Willie’s Stash Vol. 2.

Song Of The Day: Billy Stoner, “Lordy Lordy”

Taken from the Team Love release, Billy Stoner.

George Jones: Ladies’ Choice/My Very Special Guests (Morello)

George Jones was a notoriously difficult musician, and this twofer highlights just how oddly problematic he could be.

The Highwaymen: Live: American Outlaws (Sony Legacy)

A live performance from a country supergroup is good, but it’s not without its flaws…

Willie Nelson: Mr. Record Man (Jasmine Records)

Legendary country singer/songwriter Willie Nelson may be considered a founding father of country, his beginnings weren’t always so promising. Mr. Record Man collects his earliest work, and wonderfully documents his quick rise from the mediocre to the masterful.

Various Artists: Out Of Left Field: Where Soul Meets Country (Ace Records)

This superb Ace Records compilation offers up two dozen fine Country versions of songs that were also released by Soul artists. These crossovers aren’t nearly as shocking as you might assume.

It’s A Long Story: My Life (Little, Brown)

Willie Nelson’s eighth book is a humorous yet wistful look at the man’s long, storied, and compelling life.

3AM Eternal: Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson “Pancho & Lefty” (1982)

Two masterful country singers take one of the best songs by one of the best Texas singer-songwriters; a hit ensues.