Chrome: Half Machine From The Sun: The Lost Tracks from ’79-’80 (King of Spades)


The original incarnation of the experimental electronic noise-punks Chrome consisted of Damon Edge and Helios Creed and lasted from 1976 to 1983. Theirs was a sound that defied categorization; the best one could do is make note that it was mechanical, electronic, and often indescribable. Though the original duo would split in the early 1980s, it wasn’t for lack of quality material; indeed, when someone discovered the tapes and shared them with Creed about potentially releasing these found recordings, he expressed surprise at just how great they were, and how, thirty years later, many of the songs are much more accessible than they were when they were recorded. Leaving them virtually alone, it’s amazing to hear how ahead of their time they were. “Sound and Light,” “Sub Machine,” and “The Rain” have the post-punk vibe of The Cure; “Tomorrow Yesterday” sounds a lot like the electro-clash movement of the early Naughties; “Sugar Moog Pops” reminiscent of the prog-meets-pop blend of Stereolab, while “Something Rhythmic (I Can’t Wait)” sounds an awful lot like a Dandy Warhols outtake. Half-Machine From The Sun is an interesting, amazing collection of lost recordings from a duo who were clearly ahead of their time; it certainly proves that sometimes, the times will eventually catch up with you.

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