3AM Eternal: Cupol “Kluba Cupol) (1980)

cupol like this for ages


I’ve been reading Facing The Other Way, Martin Aston‘s excellent biography of the esteemed 4AD label, and in so doing I’ve been going back and exploring the label’s early records, ones that don’t necessarily have much in common with what the label would become. One such case is Cupol, who released one twelve-inch record, Like This For Ages, in 1980. The artists behind this moniker were Wire alumni Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis, who were very busy men that year. releasing not only this record, but two albums under the name Dome, as well as another album on 4AD, this time as Gilbert & Lewis.

This particular track is an interesting, twenty-minute instrumental, one that is both hushed and sublime, whilst being mechanical and industrial in nature. Imagine, if you would, riding on a train–the relentless but unhurried melody sounds exactly like the chugging of a train. In its own interesting way, the minimalist nature of the song never becomes repetitive; additional sounds are added to the basic rhythm track, but they don’t last very long–they simply pass by, fading in, reaching a certain sound, and then fading out.

Not everyone appreciates the aspects of art-rock, and it’s understandable that some didn’t care for this. But it’s an adventurous number, and a satisfying one.

Taken from the 1980 4AD Records release Like This For Ages

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