Soundgarden: Screaming Life/FOPP (Sub Pop)

It’s easy to forget just how powerful a role Soundgarden played within the Seattle scene;  with Badmotorfinger, they would eclipse their hometown and become a heavy, hard rock band that transcended the grunge tag. It also isn’t surprising that success would come, thanks in part to the powerhouse singing of Chris Cornell. This collection–released in part as a celebration of Sub Pop‘s twenty-fifth anniversary–compiles all of Soundgarden’s Sub Pop material. Of course, the big highlight here is the amazing “Nothing To Say,” with Cornell reaching down into the pit of Hell and coming back with an amazing, Black Sabbath-like track. When you have a song that powerful, it will eclipse everything else. The rest of the material doesn’t come close to touching that song, though “Hunted” comes pretty damn close. The rest of Screaming Life is pretty standard late 1980s metal, while FOPP is closer in kin to Guns’N Roses than it is to its labelmates Mudhoney and Nirvana. Their take on scene classic “Swallow My Pride,” however, is a case of a soon-to-be masterful band showing the world how it’s done. If you’re new to Soundgarden, start elsewhere; if you’re a fan, then you’ll enjoy this collection of two records you probably already have.

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