Andrew Gold The Late Show–Live 1978 (Omnivore Recordings)


Andrew Gold
The Late Show–Live 1978
Omnivore Recordings

Andrew Gold will forever be known as the fellow who wrote “Thank You For Being A Friend,” which exists in popular culture consciousness as the theme song to The Golden Girls. Yet there was much more to Gold than that one song; though a solo artist, he was also well known for being a songwriter and arranger, working with a vast number of artists of all genres. His biggest hit was “Lonely Boy,” a sentimental 1976 soft-rock hit about sibling jealousy.

But he was a singer/songwriter first, and The Late Show–Live 1978 documents a previously unreleased live show. Recorded in Los Angeles at the famed Roxy club, this set finds Gold and his band in fine form. His setlist draws from his various solo albums, and there are plenty of enjoyable moments, from the tender “That’s Why I Love You” and aforementioned “Thank You For Being A Friend,” to the rockin’ “I’m A Gambler” and excellent covers of The Beatles‘ “Doctor Robert” and Chuck Berry’s “Roll Over Beethoven”–both of which show that for a soft-rocker, Gold could actually rock, and the banter between songs show that he was just as friendly and affable as his wholesome, heartfelt songs.

Gold is an artist whose own work takes second place to the work he did with others, and perhaps it is time for Gold’s solo work to get a fresh revisiting. Until then, The Late Show is an excellent, enjoyable document that serves well the legacy of a fine singer/songwriter.

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