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I Love Bis
Do Yourself In Records

Scottish indie-poppers Bis became internationally known for their hyper-enthusiastic indie-pop new wave hybrid. Starting off as wee teenagers didn’t hurt, either, as the duo of Sci-Fi Steve, John Disco, and Manda Rin were as adorable and as precocious as you could imagine. Early imagery portrayed them in an Anime-style way, which made the cuteness all the more enjoyable. (Said imagery would reap dividends, leading to the band being tapped to provide music for The Powerpuff Girls—an appropriate fit.) Last year, they celebrated their twentieth anniversary with a new album, a greatest hits package, and deluxe reissues of their three albums.

I Love Bis picks up the Bis story at the beginning. Originally self-released in 2001, this compilation compiles all of the band’s early EP’s, singles, and other rarities. While New Transistor Heroes set the stage for the band’s charm and cartoonish image, their earlier releases really charmed. From the get-go, the sound was there, and the songs are full of the youthful vim and vigor that would win over the world. Understandable, too; twenty years on “School Disco,” “Kill Yr Boyfriend,” “Plastik People,” and “Teen-C Power” have not aged one bit, while “This Is Fake D.I.Y.” is as true now as it was then—if not more so. The bonus track offered here is a twenty-four minute montage of the bands earliest home recordings, and it shows Bis was a fully realized concept well before their debut record.

Bis is still around, and they’re till doing their thing—and still sounding great. I Love Bis is a great little collection that shows why they were important and enjoyable in the first place. Teen-C power will never grow old!

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