3AM Eternal: a-ha, “Crying In The Rain” (1990)


It’s something of a shame that a-ha is primarily known in America for one wonderful song and conceptual video, because there was always much more to the band than “Take On Me.” While the group might have been regulated to one-hit wonder status in the US, the rest of the world kept on listening, turning them into a very popular band. One of their better post-hit numbers was this gorgeous cover of Carole King’s “Crying In The Rain,” which was one of her early hits and was a successful single for The Everly Brothers. But vocalist Morten Harket’s style here is much more indebted to Roy Orbison than Phil and Don. The band’s recent reissue campaign has helped remind the world just how good a band they were aside from their greatest success; a good thing, too, because a song as good as this one doesn’t deserve to be neglected.

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