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Omnivore Recordings

Power-poppers Sneakers released but one sole EP during its existence, a self-titled affair that appeared in 1976. Perhaps best known as the starting ground for established musicians Will Rigby, Chris Stamey, and Mitch Easter, the six songs found here capture the essence of what makes power-pop so appealing—youthful angst and sincere heart-on-sleeve emotion, fast-paced guitars, sticky-sweet vocal harmonies, and fast-paced melodies. That’s certainly the case with the six original songs; “I can see what we can do/Let our whimsy be our cue,” as declared on “Driving,” captures the loose, have-a-good-time vibe found on the original EP. This expanded edition contains a rough yet charming version of The Grass Roots’ “Let’s Live For The Day,” while four songs on here are later recordings of previously unrecorded material from the era. Those songs are nice, but don’t capture the white-hot intensity of the 1976 recordings. Two years later they would release an EP entitled In The Red, but Sneakers had already split, and the songs don’t have quite the intensity that the original band had. That said, Sneakers offers up the goods, hitting that Power Pop sweet spot that few bands accomplish.

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