DM3: West of Anywhere (Alive Naturalsound)


If you’re looking for fine 1990s-era power-pop, you can’t go wrong with Australian power trio DM3. Led by Dom Mariani, this short-lived but prolific group churned out three albums and nearly a dozen singles in its short seven year career—and hardly a bum note in the lot. This eighteen-track compilation, West of Anywhere, might only scratch the surface of their catalog, but there’s plenty here to keep you satiated. Much of the material is naturally drawn from their three albums, but that’s okay, as there’s almost no drop in quality from potent early songs like “One Time, Two Times, Devastated” and “Far From Here”  and final album tracks “Speed Freaks” and “I Thought That You Were Foolin’.” Sonically, you’ll hear a blend of the usual suspects: The Beatles, Raspberries, and Badfinger, with a dash of the more contemporary sounds of The Posies, Material Issue,  and Superdrag. Mariani and friends had the ability to compose songs that sounded both classic and contemporary—a rare feat, especially for power-pop. Surprisingly, according to Discogs, West of Anywhere is only the second DM3 release in the United States, and with their back catalog fetching pretty substantial collector’s prices, perhaps 2016 is the year their back catalog gets the reissue campaign it deserves. Until then, this excellent compilation is a great place to start.

West of Anywhere is out now via Alive Records.

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